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Aly - 12 years oldAlydsher

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Czech champion, Poland champion
Slovak champion
Tibetan Terrier Club champion
Most winning Tibetan Terrier 1994
National winner 93,94, Club winner 93

Veteran BIS Opole 99

Now is Aly more then 10 years old, so he continues his show career at veteran class, and with great succes! All judges say, when see him at ring, that he looks wonderful for his age (they don't know that TTs look as better as they are older), that he is best TT male at show, why we don't show him in champion class. He could win a BOB, they say, but in Czech republik veterans can't go to BOB ring usually.

Look at some Aly's old and new successes, which I have chosen from more then 50 succesful shows:

Club Prague (CZ) 24.4.1993 CAC, Club.w.
National Litomerice(CZ) 22.5.1993 CAC, Nat.w.
National Litomerice(CZ) 16.4.1994 CAC, Nat.w.
International C.Budejovice (CZ) 1.5.1994 CAC, CACIB, BOB
International Bytom (PL) 29.5.1994 CWC, CACIB, BOB
International Brno (CZ) 3.7.1994 CAC, r.CACIB
International Brno (CZ) 26.3.1995 CAC, r.CACIB
International C.Budejovice (CZ) 30.4.1995 CAC, CACIB, BOB
Club Nitra (SK) 10.6.1995 CAC, Club.w.
International Nitra (SK) 11.6.1995 CAC, r.CACIB
International Bratislava (SK) 24.9.1995 CAC, r.CACIB
International Trencin (SK) 21.1.1996 CAC, CACIB, BOB
International Katowice (PL) 16.3.1996 CWC, CACIB
Club Nitra (SK) 1.6.1996 CAC, Club.w.
Club Sobeslav (CZ) 25.7.1998 Best Veteran
International Brno (CZ) 7.2.1999 Best Veteran
International Oplole (PL) 26.4.1999 Veteran BIS Oplole 99
International Praha (CZ) ...6.1999 Best Veteran
Club Sobeslav (CZ) ...7.1999 Best Veteran, 2.BIS veteran
Local Praha (CZ) ...8.1999 Veteran BIS Prague Cup
International Ml.Boleslav (CZ) ...9.1999 Best Veteran
Special Praha (CZ) ...10.1999 Best Veteran, BOB
International Praha (CZ) ...6.2000 Best Veteran
Club Sobeslav (CZ) ...7.2000 Best Veteran, BIS-Veteran