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Khatakhyi "C" Litter

2nd October 2000 were borned 5 puppies !!!

3 Males and 2 Females

All our puppies have tibetan names !!!
(the translation you find under the name)

Click on their names and have a look to recent photos...

To see more info about their parents click here.
(the light green photos are made by Renata Hofmanova "Atelier REN")

1st female: Cintayantah Khatakhyi
Golden sable with white

Owner: Suzanne Persall (Canada)
please visit her website:
Cinta finnished her Canadian Championship with flying colors...
click to her name to see other pictures and successes!!!


2nd female: Candramasi Khatakhyi
Black with white markings
owner: Edita Gregrova (Prague, CR)
please visit her website:
Candra reached the title Champion of Poland!!!

Click to her name to see her most recent pictures and show successes!!!


1st male: Chang-Mao Khatakhyi
(long haired)
owner: Tibor and Leila Smeller (Hungary)
please visit their website:
Mao reached the title INTERCHAMPION in 2 and half years!!!
Mao starts his succesful show cariere by winning the prestige title "Champion of champions of Hungary 2001"

One and half year

 2nd male: Caram-Acaram Khatakhyi
Tricolor (black and tan with white markings)
Owner: Joan Ruffato (Canada/USA)

One year


3rd male: Cabhayam Khatakhyi
Black with white markings
Owner: Laura Finlon (USA)

3 months


PEDIGREE of this litter:

NW-97, 98....
Char Su American Sunshine

Ch Lan Lin's
California Cooler

Ch Ashantes
Too Hip Gotta Go
Ch Shampa Coconut Toast Ashante
Norbu-Doma Of Antarctica
Ch Su-Khyi
Dali of Summer Wind
Ch Su-Khyi Summer Wind of Karchen
Ch Shergol Spu-Mo

Ch Sim-Pa Lee
For You Char Su

Ch Sunwinds
Solar Eclipse
Ch Lu-Rogs Dr Dan of Langtang
Ch Tee Leigh Glory of Keriluv CD
Ch Lan Lin's
Sundance Sparkler
Ch Ashantes Too Hip Gotta Go
Ch Su-Khyi Dali of Summer Wind

NW-98, 99...
Schaka-Ta's Ochiva
Tsering Gechung Dawa
GB.Ch. Hotang Heruka
of Willowbrae
Thala Alexander
Karamain Louisiana
Gyangtse Lhagpa
Silgarhi Empedocles
Silgarhi Untamed
Schaka-Ta's Kymara
Schaka-Ta's Izakhan
Ch.PinrowBlack Flash
ICh.Rebecca of Araki
Ch.A-Mas Tu-Tsa of Dge Ltas
ICh.Thu-Sangs Harischma

To see more info about their parents click here.