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Khatakhyi Tibetan Terriers
Aly - my oldest male !

ICh.Schaka-Ta's Lha-Yanda

Yanda - my beautiful lady
Schiva - my young miss
Our baby girl...
Some info about Tibetan Terriers...
Sorry, still only czech version
Future and past litters...

Planned Puppies 2003!!!

 from the left to the right: 
Yanda, Schiva, Boshay, Aly... 
to see them, click on their name
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Ing. Sonja Pavlikova

Vesinova 16, Prague 10, 100 00, Czech Republic
tel&fax: 00420 2 74773269
mobil: 00420 603 936033

Czech national flag
!!! zvolte si cesky jazyk !!!

Welcome to Tibetan Terrier kennel Khatakhyi. Our small pack contains a male and 3 females Tibetan terriers, who live with us at our home as members of the family. Our home is in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic. If you want to know something more about them and see their nice photos, click on their name. If you are interesting in this phantastic breed, or if you are looking for a puppy, may be you'll find there some important pages. Litters, Tibetan Terrier, Advices, Links to another breeders and Tibetan Terrier Clubs....

Khatakhyi Tibetan Terriers

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Aly and Schiva in front of flower

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At Rings you'll find Tibetan Terrier Webring the fastest way, how to surf on Tibetan Terrier Internet pages and some another Internet Breeders Rings. And at Links there are contacts to another TT breeders and owners on Internet.

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