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What is Khatak ?

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Here you can read an article about the reason, why I have decided for the name of my kennel KHATAKHYI.

Once upon a time I have read an book "A Trip to Lhasa", beautiful story about traveling across a Mongolia and around Tibet. The author, franch missionar Evariste-Régis Huc with his friend Joseph Gabet describes interesting experiences, wonderful mountain nature, life and habits of pure people and noble priests in mysterious cloisters, too.

There impressed me one unusual habit of Tibetans - they never go for a trip or visit without their KHATAK - in transtation "Ribbon of happiness". It is a piece of silk very, very soft. It is white color, a little bit with blue tinge. The length is a tripple weidth and both ends are with fringes. Khatakhs are in differtent sizes and different costs, but everybody pure or rich have to have it.

Everytime when Tibetans go for a visit or ask anybody for help or thank a person for a thing allways begin conversation with giving a KHATAK. They take it to both hands and give it to person, which they want to treat. If there in Tibet have met together two friends, first thing they do is exchange of khataks (like shaking a hand). When Tibetans write a letter, they allways insert a littel khatak in the envelope.

KHATAK is an expression of the purest feelings and the most beaitiful words and most expensive presents are nothing without khatak. With khatak the most usual thing is the best and honoured present. When somebody ask you for a help with khatak in his hands, you can not refuse him.

This nice habit enjoy me so much, that I insert a KHATAK into the name of my kennel. The second part of name is KHYI - in tibetian language "dog". I think that a Tibetan Terrier is like a khatak for everybody, giving us the happines and friendship with his shiny, lovely character and neverending enjoy of life.