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Schaka-Ta's Ochiva

Czech champion
Champion of Poland
Tibetan Terrier Club Champion Juniorchampion
9*CAC, 4*CWC, 3*CAJC, 5*r.CAC, res.BIG
National winner 98,99
2nd Most Winning TT - 99

Imported from Norway

Schiva comes to us as Yanda from Norway - kennel Schaka-Ta's owned by Inger Johannessen and Eva Kolbjornsen. She has more then 3/4 Lamleh blood line at ancestors as you can see at pedigree, and this become evident et her behavior and special personality, although her physical growing up is fast (since 18 months she have had perfect coat). Now she successfully finished her show career , and is going to have her first puppies.

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